A Genius Idea: Make a Possibilities Calendar

March 3, 2010

I saw this tip on Lifehacker:

If you’ve ever been that frustrating situation where you find yourself with some unexpected down time but don’t know how to fill it at a moment’s notice, lifestyle blog Life Scoop suggests putting together a possibilities calendar.

Blogger Asha Dornfest says she often runs across events or activities she’d like to attend, but aren’t necessarily important enough to carve out special time for. She created a “possibilities” calendar in Google Calendar and now, instead of relying on her memory to remind her of an art showing or movie she wants to check out, she simply parks the details on her calendar and pulls it up when she finds herself with some unplanned free time.

Dornfest keeps this special calendar stocked with things like movie and gym class schedules, museum hours of operation, open swim times at the local pool, and so on. Since she uses Google Calendar to organize her life, Dornfest keeps her Possibilities calendar hidden from view until she needs to consult it in order to avoid cluttering up her daily schedule.

This idea is genius. I always find things, like classes at the gym or movie times, that I want to keep track of, but didn’t want to put directly on my calendar or in my to-do list because it ends up cluttering my calendar up and makes it harder to track Must-Do’s and scheduling meetings becomes near impossible. But, without putting them on a calendar, I never could keep track. This solves the problem! Seriously, it’s such a simple idea, yet so genius in execution. 

Posted via web from GTD with ADHD


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