For Those of You Who Think Google is Evil and Take Over the World:

March 3, 2010

There was an article up on Valleywag today, http://valleywag.gawker.com/5484200/how-apple-could-remotely-destroy-your-google-phone,

If Apple wins its patent-infringement caseagainst the GoogleNexus One smartphone, it might be able to get all existing handsets bricked or crippled. It’s not a far-fetched idea, a Harvard Law professortold the New York Times Bits blog.

After all, EchoStar was ordered to remotely destroy DVR functionality in its satellite TV boxes after losing a patent case to TiVo. “If the court were to side with Apple and issue an injunction that insists [Google’s manufacturer] HTC kill the phone, or at least some of its functionality, they easily could,” Prof. Jonathan Zittrain told Bits. Still, most lawyers seem to think the case will be settled. Settled, that is, if Apple CEO Steve Jobs can be persuaded to arrive at one of those compromises the perfectionist so famously dislikes.

Just to recap: Apple just started a patent war with HTC, which manufactors the Google Nexus 1, which could end the Google Nexus 1 experiment, if a compromise isn’t reached between Apple and Google, which by the way Apple isn’t exactly known for, which would help to put the iPhone back as the only Super-Smart Phone. 

Even if Google is trying to take over the world, at least they allow open-source and some competition. Steve Jobs doesn’t allow either. 

This takes away Steve Jobs argument that Google is evil, or at least makes it a pot calling the kettle black situation.

It also further reinforces my belief that Steve Jobs is, in fact, the Anti-Christ. 


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